Common Types of Home Electrical Problems

Electricity makes our lives a lot easier—but it can also cause quite a few headaches. Though home wiring has become very sophisticated in recent years, there are still a handful of problems that can occur in virtually any home. Here’s a brief look at some of the most common home electrical problems and what you can do to resolve them:  

Power outages

Have you ever been at home preparing dinner or simply relaxing, when suddenly all of the lights go out? Power outages, which are caused by severe weather, mistakes by utility personnel, and damage to power lines, can easily ruin your plans. While there’s nothing you can to do prevent power outages, you might want to consider setting up a backup generator that can provide temporary power in the event of an outage.

Intermittent power

If there’s one thing more irritating than power outages, it would be intermittent power. If the power in your home comes on and off at random, there’s probably an issue with your own electrical system. The best solution is to hire an experienced electrician to inspect your wiring and strengthen all connections.

Power surges

During lighting storms, power stations sometimes supply too much energy to homes. These voltage spikes can overload your appliances’ circuits, causing them to shut off. Luckily, power strips can protect your appliances, and whole home protectors can protect phone lines and TV cables.

Faulty wiring

If some of your fixtures or outlets work intermittently or not at all, your home could be the victim of faulty wiring. Faulty wiring in your walls or fixtures can be extremely dangerous, and has been known to start fires. If you suspect that your home has faulty wiring, you should hire a professional electrician to inspect it as soon as possible.

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