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The Baltimore Area Leader in Lighting Services

At Baltimore Electrician, we have established ourselves as the region's top electrician services provider. One of our main areas of service that we offer to the region's residents and commercial operators is lighting installation. Having the right lighting can make a big difference and our team is there for our customers by offering a variety of great options.

Our Range of Lighting Services

We offer our Baltimore region customers a range of professional lighting services that are designed to cover the needs that they come to us with. Our service range includes these great options.

Recessed Lights Installation

The right recessed lighting can make a big impact on the look of your property. It helps to make a space look bigger and produces a desirable ambiance. Our team has a commitment to providing customers with a recessed lighting installation cost that is fair and competitive and we always use the highest quality lighting products available.

Motion Lights Installation

Installing motion lights into your property have a lot of benefits whether it is a residential or commercial site. These lights add a heightened security factor to your property and they also add a desirable convenience factor. You can rely on our trained service technicians to provide you with a high-quality motion light installation that you will be completely satisfied with.

Light Switches Installation

Our expertise in light switch wiring makes us the go-to service in the Baltimore area. When you need a light switch installation, you can rely on our team to do the job right the first time. We are well versed in dimmer light switch installation as well. This is an option that many of our customers appreciate because of the convenience factor that it offers.

LED Lights Installation

LED lighting installation is gaining in popularity and it is another area that our team has plenty of experience in. Customers love the energy efficiency and long life of these high-quality lights and our team has plenty of experience installing them.

Landscape Lighting Installation

If you are looking to add some great ambiance to the landscaped areas of your property so that they are illuminated at night, then our team is the place to turn.

Security Lights Installation

Security Lighting can play a vital role in helping to keep your property safe. This is true whether you are a residential property owner or the owner of a commercial property. Our team can play a key role in getting you the security lighting that will provide some extra peace of mind.

Pool Lighting

We are also your go-to team of electricians when you need pool lighting installed. The right lighting can heighten your enjoyment of your pool and it also increases the area's safety as well.


These are a few of the great things that past customers have had to say about our lighting services here at Best Baltimore Electricians.

"The electrician arrived on time for our recessed lighting installation. We were completely satisfied with the finished results. Amazing job guys!"

Gary L. from Baltimore

"We hired these guys for a new light switch installation. They showed up right on time and were able to do the job in no time. The new switch worked perfectly."

Kyle F. from Baltimore

"We called the electricians out to check on some lighting issues we've been worried about these past few days. Luckily they finish it in a timely manner."

Rudy T. from Baltimore


When you choose our team at Best Baltimore Electricians, you are bringing in the expertise of professionals that have years of experience in lighting installation. We always work to provide the best service in the business. This includes always doing the job the right way and never compromising on the lighting products that we use. Our commitment to customer service also extends to our dedication to providing customers with fair and competitive prices for lighting installation.


Reach out today to find out more about the lighting services that we offer here at Best Baltimore Electricians. You can get in touch over the phone or you can message us on the website. We are excited about the chance to provide you with the lighting that you have always envisioned for your property.